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Payneful creations was created in July 2018 from my passion of baking.


Baking is a family tradition, Mum’s Mum taught her, my Mum taught me. Some recipes have been passed on and I’m the third generation to use them.


I love baking. I am relaxed and am my best when I’m baking in my kitchen. I created a special birthday cake for my mum when I was only 12yrs old (with my Dad - we even managed the fondant icing).


Since this day I’ve challenged myself with customised, complicated cakes and added the likes of cupcakes, muffins and cookies to my variety of sweet offers.


After high school I moved overseas to live in England for a year and a half and produced cakes and cookies for a café in a garden centre I worked at; quickly adding lamingtons and Anzac cookies to their menu.


My passion for baking and what I think sets me apart from other dessert makers is my age and my recipes handed down to me from generation to generation. Every treat I bake is baked with love and attention, I am hard on myself and have high standards and wish all my cakes are made to the best of my ability and my delectable desserts are loved by my clients.


Jade Payne

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